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ZX81 Development

Everything you need to know to develop ZX81 HiRes games...

Quick Start

Everything you need to get started with ZX81 development

Hello World

The good old 'Hello World' application in ZX81 assembly language form  


A fairly simple game that has all the elements require for a classic video game

HiRes Test

Taking a hires image and displaying it on a standard ZX81

HiRes Invaders

HiRes version of the classic Invaders game on a standard ZX81

HiRes PacMan

HiRes version of the c;lassic maze game on a standard ZX81


The real thing

Is it worth getting hold of a real ZX81 ?


Getting as close as you can

Firing up ZX81 programs on your laptop


The how and the why

Toolkits for developing HiRes applications on a real ZX81

ZX81 HiRes

The fun stuff

Quick Primer on the ins and outs of ZX81 HiRes