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ZX81 Emulation

How to get your laptop to pretend it's a good old Sinclair ZX81


There's really not a lot to say about which emulator to choose, as all roads lead back to EightyOne by Mike Wynne. 

As mentioned in other parts of this site, the only real issue I found with emulation vs. the real thing is with HiRes video. Various online examples of HiRes code work perfectly within  an emulator but causes severe video sync problems on a real ZX81

Mike Wynne is something of a giant in the field of Sinclair emulation who pretty much did everything then stepped away from the emulation scene. Simon Holdsworth took some of his work and created a Java and JS version called JtyOne. I received an email from Mike and sadly his depature from the emulator scene was due to health reason. Wishing you well Mike and hope you get back to where you were. 

It appears your browser does not support the canvas element so no emulator is available.


Simon Holdsworth's JavaScript port of Mike Wynne's Java ZX81  emulator



The real thing

Is it worth getting hold of a real ZX81 ?


Getting as close as you can

Firing up ZX81 programs on your laptop


The how and the why

Toolkits for developing HiRes applications on a real ZX81

ZX81 HiRes

The fun stuff

Quick Primer on the ins and outs of ZX81 HiRes