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ZX81 Hires PacMan

Hires PacMan, tested and working on a standard ZX81, emulated here for your convenience

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This is a 'Hires' version of the well known game for the ZX81. One of the things I wanted to with this was to try and implement at least some of the ghost behaviour from the arcade original. The ghost movement / behaviour was usually the weak-link when it came to old home computer ports of PacMan, so I went looking for descriptions of the algorithms used in the arcade original. I found the excellent The Pac-Man Dossier (which is a fascinating read) and tried to code some of the ghost behaviours described in it. I didn't implement the ghost behaviours in their full complexity, but I think there is enough there to have a rough approximation.

You can download the .p binary file here and the complete source and binary pack from here. The full project is also available on githubPACMAN uses all the tools and techniques described in the previous pages to produce a complete hires game for the ZX81. 

You can play the game in the emulator above or see it in action on real hardware in this video

Source code of the main file (pacman.asm) listed here.


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